Ibiza has become a Sports Tourism Destination. The celebration of different sport events has meant the visit of a large number of people to Ibiza. Around 7.000 sport lovers visitors in two weeks. The Ibiza Marathon and the Ibiza Mountain Bike Tour 2017 have been the main tests that made it possible to become a tourist-sport destination. The Ibiza […]

Get your free Ibiza Marathon pictures and share it across your favorite social media channels. You could win a very special dinner at beautiful restaurant Es Caliu or a Rockid Sport Challenge t-shirt just by using this hashtags: #RockidGroup  #EsCaliu  Selected pictures will be announced Friday 21st of April at  Rockid Ibiza Facebook Fan Page

Bravo everyone. We did it. We all won a gold medal. “Veni. Vidi. Vinci”. We launched ROCKID SPORT CHALLENGE to support the IBIZA MARATHON and we Rocked it. Elite runners, authorities, people from all over the world passed by our “sportive photocall” and came to know more about our platform to support Sport Challenges. Our team was everywhere helping with the organization and […]

After two hours on the trail, we arrived back at Es Cucons, where a glass of pink champagne awaited. Originally built in 1652 as a farmhouse, it was lovingly restored as a rural hotel in 1997. Located in the Valley of Almonds in Santa Agnes, it offers a tranquil refuge for those that appreciate nature. […]

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