Minimum amount of people: 4 / Duration: 3 hours

Treasure hunts are the ultimate kid’s adventures because they are truly fun and exciting. Its a creative way to spent time together with your kids and we can personalize it to the tastes, languages and age levels of everyone playing.
Give your kids something fun to do while they are in Ibiza. Search and find the hidden treasure by following the clues we have set out in the nature. It is an enjoyable experience to get to know this ancient pirate island and an original way for some exciting family time. Endless fun and adrenaline is guaranteed with the adventure of exploring trails with an old pirates map. Enjoy the challenge of connecting with nature while hunting for mysterious surprises. Youngsters will never forget the thrill of wandering through the magical landscapes of Ibiza until they find their hidden pirate treasure.

Pick Up / Special Treasure Hunt Guide / Trekking 1 or 2 hours depending on the age of the children / Pirate Island map with clues to follow / Treasure with surprises for children and adults / Organic Picnic / Drop Off
Upgrade to Deluxe Picnic.
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Ibiza (Islas Baleares)
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